Our Finance Accounts

Since our launch we have spent millions in direct grants on helping those in need in Romania, plus a huge amount of gifts in kind.

Our policy has always been to spend your financial donations quickly and not build up a large "reserve" of cash in the bank. We keep our administration costs very low.

Here is the summary of our most recent audited accounts (to July 2015) - which were submitted in March 2016 (Next accounts to July 2016 will be submitted in March 2017)

Latest accounts
to July 2015
Previous year
Income vs Charity Spending

What you see above is how we don't hoard money but spend your donations quickly. We even go overdrawn if necessary.

Bad idea?

Not to us.Some people might see this as bad financial management. Well it might be for a commercial concern. But for a charity, we think it's the right thing to do.

This has been our policy for many years now and - thanks, no doubt, to the grace of God - we're still going.

But it means we need your help and we need it now.

As you can see your kind donation will quickly go to help the less fortunate in Romania

Please can you make a quick, easy donation right now to help those in need in Romania click here


* re Income: For the purposes of this summary, income is defined as all donations and gifts, plus charity shop profits, plus the fund balance carried forward from the previous year.