Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

Since February 2022, millions of refugees have fled their homes in Ukraine and crossed the border into neighbouring countries. Our partners in Romania the FSC were quick to offer their support, love and guidance to the Ukrainian people that needed it.

With huge thanks to generous donators, our Relief Fund for Romania charity shops have helped raise over £3,000 in Help for Ukraine collection boxes.

The money raised has helped support the work the FSC do, as well as the support they receive from other donators. This has allowed them to supply food, water, electric generators, clothes and daily necessities both to those who crossed the border into Romania as well as those still waiting in Ukraine.

This month, our FSC friends have run centers and workshops for the Ukrainian children to express their joy and gratitude. They had the chance to participate in group activities indoors and out with playground games, painting, drawing and lots more.

Together, we can do more!