Milly Senior’s Village

“I will never forget the many pleasant moments spent at Milly together with my grandmother and the staff...they are not lonely anymore, they now have a family!”
Ana Maria

The village is made up of several homes, beautiful gardens including vegetable patches and a greenhouse, fish pond, orchard and farm. It’s encircled by hills and trees and far away from the stresses of the City, giving its residents the joy of retiring in a traditional and authentic Romanian village.

Milly’s is located within the vicinity of the protected area Runc Forest, on the cusp of Buhusi and 20km from the city of Bacau. The location is free of noise and pollution making it the perfect oasis of peace for those who most need it.

The seniors benefit not only from permanent medical care from the qualified staff but the social benefits that come from living in such a community.

What services/Facilities:

The village comprises of several family-type homes with staff who tend to the residents. Houses include personal rooms and bathrooms with storage for belongings, as well as the possibility to bring personal and sentimental items for the guest’s comfort. Each home has a living room to enjoy socialising and activities. Kitchens with cooks who provide varied menus adapted to the schedule and dietary needs of each beneficiary and where suitable, organic products from the village’s garden and farms are used. The beautiful 3,000sqm landscaped garden includes pathways where the elderly can take walks both alone or with staff. On Spring and Summer days the guests might choose to relax in the sun on a bench or terrace or play games with others including chess and backgammon.

  • Accommodation for a short or indefinite time.
  • All meals prepared and cooked.
  • Physical therapy and medical recovery.
  • Laundry, personal care and house cleans.
  • Internet and TV access
  • Social activities and gardening.
  • Themed parties for birthdays and public holidays.

Milly Seniors Village is a project made possible with the support of two special people. Thank you both:

Mrs. Judith Darmady, who is no longer with us, but is well remembered for her loyal support and generosity. And Mr. Colin Williams, for his friendship and guidance. The village’s name “Milly” is in dear memory of Colin’s beloved wife.

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