Social scholarships for disadvantaged young people

“I dream of a better life and through education I can have that!”

More and more studies show that the situation of children and young people in rural areas remains severe with the main cause being poverty and lack of economical development and opportunity.

Due to poverty, half of the children in the country drop out of school ending their education at eighth grade. Many of them carry on tasks for their parents having to work in the fields or in stables.

Others have to commute daily to go to schools and when they get home work in the household until exhaustion. When it comes to continuing their studies in the city the opportunity is almost non-existent; their parents need their help at home.

Our partners FSC, with out help and support from other donors and sponsors have offered social scholarship programmes for over 10 years now, significantly improving access to education for over 250 students from disadvantaged rural areas (Eastern area of Bacau County).

Beyond just the material support young people benefit from counselling and psycho-educational assistance to overcome difficulties related to adapting to city life and to to improve school performance and are supported in career guidance. They are all encouraged to become volunteers and follow personal development programmes.