Encouraging active ageing in our day centres

The centre is named in honour of Dr Stefan Ciobanu, who from 1997 to 2005 campaigned tireslessly to help others. “Stefan had such a productive, unselfish life. His kindness, patience and help for the less fortunate...an exceptional person”.

In the “Dr Stefan Ciobanu” day centre we provide a range of services to our beneficiaries. Everyday, around 30 elderly people will spend their time here where they’re met with warmth and empathy.

The elderly can socialise, receive occupational therapy and participate in recreational activities. Activities encourage stimulation for the mind like reading papers, watching films, reading, writing articles or poems as well as practical activities such as knitting, card making, trips out, and celebrations for birthdays and festivals.

In June last year, seniors at the Dr Stefan Ciobanu day centre went to the museum of Natural sciences in Bacau! This gives them the opportunity to socialise together and experience new things in a safe way with guides and helpers available.

In October last year, our Day Centre grandparents celebrated Harvest Day where they show gratitude for a rich autumn. Celebrations included traditional Romanian dances, themed games, delicious home-made foods and lots more.

As well as providing leisurely activities the elderly will receive social care and medical rehabilitation. They can benefit from emotional support, counselling and material help when required. They can also make use of professional physiotherapy services, medical gymnastics, monitoring of basic health functions and medical recovery.

For example our kinetotherapy specialists provide recovery and physical maintenance of the highest quality, aimed at recovery from various cardiovascular, neurological (post stroke) or orthopaedic trauma.